10 Developers Worth Following on Instagram

10 Developers Worth Following on Instagram

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Instagram began as a platform where young people could share images and show how much fun they were having.

It has evolved beyond its early adopters to become a consumer-driven social media platform and has now emerged as a visually oriented network for professionals.

Therefore, a growing number of programmers are now using this medium to showcase their works.

I've compiled a list of the 10 best accounts for both programmers and those looking to share their work.

1. Coding Deck

Instagram Handle: @codingdeck

Anyone interested in improving their Python skills should check out Coding Deck.

Additionally, he covers interesting topics like Algorithms, Stack & Queues, Data Structures, and so on.


2. Marcus Michaels

Instagram Handle: @marcusmichaels

Marcus Michaels is a front-end developer from London, UK, who has over 16k followers of his posts where he provides advice, ideas, and valuable coding tips. A lot of his posts include desktop selfies and posts about growing his startup Modest Industries.

Marcus MIcales.jpg

3. Coder.Journey

Instagram Handle: @coder.journey

By breaking down computer science topics, Coder.Journey helps web developers improve their coding skills.

The content he produces is amazing. It is a combination of high value and an eye-catching design which leads to great design

Make sure you check him out.


4. Lifewithcoding

Instagram Account: @lifewithcoding

What would be your dream setup? View the desktop setups of developers from around the world by following Lifewithcoding. This Instagram account features Developers at work in spaces that might inspire a home office makeover as they work with pen and paper, laptops, and (many) monitors.

Life with coding.jpeg

5. Giga Tamarashvili

Instagram Handle: @gigatamarashvili

Giga Tamarashvili, a UX/UI designer and art director in Tbilisi, Georgia, posts images of the gorgeous app interfaces, websites, and digital products he has designed for clients. Using cool colors, distinct objects, and photos of humans, he showcases his talents and skills in design.


6. Morgan.codes

Instagram Handle: @morgan.codes

A coder studying software engineering in Chicago, posts about life as a student will inspire newbies. Morgan will share what she's learning, how she's applying her skills, and the tools she's using along the way.


7. The Coder Geek

Instagram Handle: @thecodergeek

Tips and tricks about programming can be found on TheCoderGeek.

The posts he writes on various topics related to programming are insightful. Additionally, he can recommend the best courses.


8. Programmer.planet

Instagram Handle: @programmer.planet

Problem-solving is often at the heart of development and Programmer.planet helps you take a break from fixing bugs with plenty of memes. No matter what issue you're having, you're bound to find a post that will resonate with you and people who will commiserate with you.


9. Goodrella

Instagram Handle: @goodrella

By providing tips and strategies for beginner and professional developers, Goodrella helps people become high-value developers.

In addition to being very creative, his designs are of high quality. Definitely worth checking out!


10. Coding Days

Instagram Handle: @codingddays

Coding Days is an Instagram community that connects web developers worldwide. Users' personal stories and experiences in coding and programming are also used to create user-generated images for educational and motivational purposes. The tips and lessons offered here are invaluable, and it's great that they can access a social community.

Coding Days.jpg

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