7 Essential Front-end Resources You Should Know

7 Essential Front-end Resources You Should Know

The most exciting job right now is being a front end web developer. As a painter during the Renaissance or as an astronaut during the Space Race, it is like being a protagonist of a novel set during the Renaissance. UI technology continues to develop on a daily basis and we are witnessing and being part of these revolutions. With new innovations and discoveries taking place at a rapid pace, the landscape is changing rapidly.

As a result, fewer people are seeking and taking advantage of opportunities, so stability is hard to find. However, having this problem means we cannot stop learning, which is also not a bad thing. The following are seven essential learning resources for front end web development to help you stay current with the latest trends.

1. MDN:

It's all about frameworks today, but HTML, CSS, and JavaScript remain vital technologies to know. If you need to learn how a certain HTML tag works, you should not just consult any old website. Mozilla Developer Network provides the best information on this subject. They describe the three main technologies every developer should be familiar with. It has sections on ES6 - the next version of JavaScript - as well as community-curated content.

MDN Web Docs.png

2. Regex Is Easy To Learn:

They contain a comprehensive guide available on GitHub in eight languages that gets you started with Regular Expressions. Regular Expressions are useful in a wide range of programming languages. With examples and live demos using a popular RegExp playground, each section covers a single feature of regular expression syntax.

ziishaned_learn-regex_ Learn regex the easy way.png


Here is another comprehensive guide to Grid with a nice, clean, and simple layout. This resource is organized in the author's opinion to make sense to those of us overwhelmed by the number of resources available on this subject. That's a good selling point for those of us who are overwhelmed with the number of resources available.

Learn CSS Grid - A Guide to Learning CSS Grid _ Jonathan Suh.png

4. Onepagelove:

In addition to providing single-page templates and themes, Onepagelove also gives you some tips for learning front-end development. Check it out for some inspiration. If you want to use their free templates, you can also download them from their website.

One Page Love - One Page Website Inspiration and Templates.png

5. Cheat Sheet For Modern Javascript:

Manuel Beaudru's collection of JavaScript tips and concepts contains many of the things you should be aware of when learning to use a modern framework like React, or any large codebase that works with the new features of ES6. So, this is not a good place to start for JavaScript beginners, but can be useful for anyone familiar with JavaScript, but unfamiliar with modern tooling and features.

Modern JavaScript Cheatsheet _ Modern JS Cheatsheet.png

6. Accessibility of React:

React is a library that could pose accessibility issues because of its nature. There are some accessibility tips in the official React docs for React projects, including information about WAI-ARIA, semantic HTML, forms, managing focus, and accessibility tools.

Accessibility โ€“ React (1).png

7. DevDocs:

A very useful open-source web app, DevDocs combines API documentations within a friendly, easy-to-use interface. There are many documents on various web technologies. You can easily access them and learn about them. You can also use it offline.

That's all for now!. These resources can be useful for learning and practicing your skills as a front-end developer, as you can see.

DevDocs API Documentation.png

What do you think of this list? Did I miss anything important that you think should be included?

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