7 Things You Should Know Before You Try Coding

7 Things You Should Know Before You Try Coding

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If you're considering learning to code, you might want a little guidance in order to eradicate any self-doubt you may have. In addition, you might simply want a few pointers to get you even more excited about coding

This is a list of 7 things you should know before starting to program. The points listed here will give you an idea of what to expect and how to approach programming.

1. Get the basics right:

Learning something new requires you to be familiar with the "basics". This is the first step to becoming a coding ninja.

In order to master computer science, you must learn the basics, just like any other trade. Hundreds of courses are available online for beginners. The Internet provides tons of information for beginners, making it a beginner's paradise!. All you have to do is look through each one, and choose the one that best fits your needs. Having an understanding of the basics early on can give you an advantage.

2. Practice Patience:

All experts agree: programming requires patience. Coding can be difficult at times, and a lack of patience can impair motivation, cause frustration, and possibly lead to giving up on the program. It's important to practice patience to truly absorb each lesson. When you try to lose your patience try deep breathing or take a break.

3. Set a goal & move towards it:

Having goals to work towards is a powerful motivator as you learn to code. As an example, if you plan to learn PHP, make a goal to complete a simple project by the end of the week. Once this goal is achieved, set another, and so on. It's that easy.

In programming, there is always more to learn, and that is why you should keep setting goals and not lose sight of your primary goal.

4. Make Mistakes, Then Learn from Them:

In coding, we learn that it is inevitable that there will be imperfections. Not every line of code you write will be flawless. It's a good thing too, because every imperfection offers a learning opportunity. Making mistakes at the beginning allows you to learn more and, eventually, make fewer mistakes.

5. Become Your Own Problem-Solver:

Problem-solving is the most important skill you'll learn from coding. If you're having trouble solving a problem, resist the urge to ask for help. Once that's done, explain your code - either to yourself or in writing

6. Practice Coding By Hand:

Experienced coders recommend this method. Coding by hand will help you become a better coder. There is evidence that your brain retains information better when it is written down. Additionally, if you're considering a career in coding, potential employers will require you to write a test code to ensure you know your stuff.

7. Don’t Give Up:

While learning how to code, your biggest obstacle won't be a virus or an insurmountable puzzle.

It will be the desire to give up.

The majority of people who start online coding courses never finish them. In the end, a bit of extra push may be all you need to overcome those moments of near-defeat.

I hope these 7 points will help you provide a headstart in your programming career. If you like this article let me know in the comments below

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