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All About Scaler Discord Community

All About Scaler Discord Community

Muthu Annamalai Venkatachalam

Published on Jul 12, 2021

5 min read

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Link to join the server: Scaler Discord Community

If you want to grow as a developer, I can't over-emphasize the benefits of joining a developer community. There are many advantages, from peer-programming to sharing knowledge, mentorship, sharing support, sharing tools, code reviews, answering questions, and much more.

Communities are usually built on shared struggles of individuals learning in a particular region, and the goals of each community differ per the individual's collective needs.

Over the years, the developer communities have grown across the world with different goals and missions but still with the general aim of providing a platform for developers to learn, interact, share ideas, support each other and grow.

Today we are going to look at one such Developer community called Scaler Community

What is Scaler:


Scaler Academy is tailor-made for engineers to master the foundations of CS (DSA & System Design) and to take their careers to the next level. They are an online tech-versity for the top 1% of software developers in the country. They offer an intensive six-month computer science course through live classes delivered by tech leaders and subject matter experts. The meticulously structured program enhances the skills of software professionals by offering a modern curriculum with exposure to the latest technologies. It is a product by InterviewBit.

What Actually They Do:


Scaler Academy is an online accelerator program that effectively enhances the coding skills of software professionals. They teach their students all the relevant skills needed in software jobs, mentor them to crack recruitment processes and also provide them with referrals to the best opportunities in the software industry across the globe. Students in the Academy spend an average of 3-5 hours daily on the platform, learning and practising their skills.

Benefits Of Joining the Gamified Scaler Discord Server:

1. For support and motivation

The journey of learning to code is likely to be overwhelming at some stage. This is a key reason why you should join the Scaler community from the beginning so you don’t feel isolated in your struggles.

Support or Motivation.jpeg

Share new things you’ve learned, programming memes or whatever! It’s all about finding people you can share things with that you know are going through similar experiences as you.

2. Knowledge sharing

Scaler community encourages sharing of what you know with others. Through this knowledge exchange, we can all learn from each other and grow our skills.

Knowledge Sharing.jpeg

Being part of a Scaler community is like having an extended network of colleagues where you can help each other out. Use this community wisely to learn from people who are more experienced than you in your field.

3. Networking opportunities

Being part of a Scaler community also opens up opportunities to form closer connections with developers in your field.

Networking Oppurtunities.jpeg

This also opens up chances to find mentors in your field or potentially meet developers with similar interests willing to collaborate with you on projects.

4. Expand your areas of expertise

When you join Scaler community you come across people with different backgrounds and expertise. As a result, you’re constantly being exposed to topics and discussions that may not be directly related to your field of interest.

Expand your area of expertise.jpeg

Just by being active in Scaler, you can pick up technical terms and knowledge relating to software development outside your direct area of expertise.

5. Get Recognition or Exposure

No good deed or positive contribution made by any individual ever goes unnoticed. Communities are all about learning, sharing, and growing together. Industry experts and many founders of various companies often come to community events.

Get Recognition or Exposure.jpeg

You never know whom you may impress with your contribution, skillset, or personality and land a new client, new job, or internship. People have even found their co-founders at community events! Anything is possible.

6. Schwag!!

Let’s just be completely honest here, we all love schwag! We do. And why not! Schwags are awesome. They make us look cooler than our friends. Who on God’s earth wouldn’t want free t-shirts, notebooks, and badges


7. To improve your programming Knowledge

Scaler conducts an activity that runs between Monday and Friday each week on the problem-solving channel where we make use of the coding platform on to create a contest page and unlock one question every day at 8 pm IST.

Programming Knowledge.jpeg

8. Be a Part of Scaler Open Source Projects


Scaler has kicked off some interesting open-source projects. Everyone from Scaler's alumni network to current instructors and mentors will participate and they would love to see you all participate too in this initiative

9. Helps you to Build Projects

Scaler helps you to get started with your learning journey by building projects. They have an exciting program, where you can innovate, build and create some exciting mini-projects while winning loads of prizes for building them!

Build Projects.jpeg

10. Makes Coding a Habit through 100 Days Of Code:

100 Days Of Code.jpeg

The beauty of this challenge is that no matter whether you are a beginner or expert, you can participate and learn daily or brush up on your skills.

All in all, it's a great opportunity to develop your skills, form connections with people in different fields of the community, and give back to the community. Slide into the sever and get ready to ride a roller coaster of learning opportunities!

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