How to Configure your GitHub Credentials In Visual Studio Code.

How to Configure your GitHub Credentials In Visual Studio Code.

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Version control systems such as Git are extremely popular. GitHub repositories can be hosted locally (e.g. on a developer's computer). They are accessible on developers' development machines. Developers are able to send changes directly to their development machine and perform version control operations like comparison and history without connecting to the Internet.

In this article, I'll demonstrate how to Configure your GitHub credentials In Visual Studio Code.

Step 01: Setup and installation of Git

On the official Git website, you can install Git-based on your operating system. During installation, make sure to follow the recommended choices. There are a number of configuration options for Git that need to be changed in order to work

Git (1).png

Step 02: Installing Visual Studio Code

You can download and install Visual Studio Code from this website. Simply follow the instructions to complete the installation. VS Code is characterized by its simplicity and many plugins. Additionally, the community and documentation for VS Code are extensive. Thus, almost all problems and issues can be addressed and resolved.

Download Visual Studio Code - Mac, Linux, Windows.png

Step 03: Open the Visual Studio Code application. Here you will be using the Git credential helper, you will save securely the Git credentials used for communicating with GitHub

Open a terminal window by clicking the terminal option in the main menu

Screenshot (375).png

Step 04: Run the following command to create a credential helper.

git config --global credential. helper winced

Step 05: By running the commands below, you'll configure your email address and user name for Git commits. Please substitute your preferred username and email address for the parameters.

git config --global user.the name "Muthu Annamalai"
git config --global

Now you have successfully added your Configured your Git username/email in Vs code. Now start making projects and show the world what you are doing

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