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Live Chat Support 101 | Evolution, benefits and the way forward.

Live Chat Support 101 | Evolution, benefits and the way forward.

Muthu Annamalai Venkatachalam

Published on Jul 16, 2021

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Consumers are increasingly choosing businesses that prioritize exceptional customer service according to the customer experience (CX). In the long run, businesses benefit greatly from retaining themselves. A good customer experience relies on a live chat option, which can be accessed on your website or mobile device, directly from your customer's perspective.

Customer satisfaction rates associated with live chat support are higher than those for other communication channels, and 79 percent of customers prefer it because of its immediate response.

Therefore, the businesses using live chat for customer service can better understand their customers' needs and adjust their services accordingly. In addition to cultivating brand loyalty, real-time interaction improves customer lifetime value (CLTV).

What is ChatWoot?

Chatwoot allows online text-based conversations between customers and support teams. A chatwoot customer service software embedded on the company's website allows customers to submit questions (and sometimes AI bots) to customer service staff who will answer them quickly in the same small window. The best live chat tool helps you understand your customers' pain points in order to address them effectively. By avoiding one-sided conversations, website chat provides proactive customer service over other channels like phone support and email.


Why ChatWoot is unique

In terms of features, Chatwoot has about all you're likely to need for live chat with humans. This application includes features such as tags, canned responses, shortkeys, chat user details (such as the browser, OS, etc. that are useful for debugging), email continuation (The platform has a relatively simple analytics dashboard (not the most advanced, but it is perfectly serviceable as long as the customer service division is not large) and standard API functionality (i.e. for propagating metadata programmatically to show when the user is chatting)., for instance, programmatically setting a user ID to identify the user's account.

Live (2).png

Chatwoot is an open-source project with a hosted offering. As a fully-featured open-source product, it is not a hedged open-source service with some functionality hidden behind a paid subscription. Furthermore, it means that you can customize the chat tool beyond surface-level attributes such as color. You can only easily customize Chatwoot if you want to. It is recommended, however, that you make use of their hosted version - they have a feature-rich free plan that should work well for some time, and the paid plan is still reasonable compared to many similar products.

The benefits of Chatwoot live chat

i) Control over customer data:

Using ChatWoot, regulated industry companies can talk to their customers without sharing customer information with third parties. Their secure networks protect your personal information, which is only accessed by those with special access rights to these systems, and who are required to maintain confidentiality. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology is used to encrypt all sensitive information and credit card numbers you provide.

ii). Pricing Is not too Extravagant:

Customer experience software can be bloated, but ChatWoot is an alternative without insane pricing.. Installing ChatWoot on your server is free and you can install the fully-featured version. There are no monthly fees, other than what you pay for hosting. In addition to offering an open-source version, they also have a paid version. For small businesses looking to integrate live chat features into their website for free, the $0 plan is ideal. It's incredibly powerful for $0, though. In addition to website live chat, you also get SMS integrations, two agents, and canned (template) responses. Wow, that's pretty crazy for any business out there

iii) ChatWoot Live chat support is timely:

Even if a customer receives an excellent response to their email enquiry within a few hours, they might be satisfied with your service, but if that same answer is provided via live chat immediately, they will probably be much happier since they can then continue with their task.

The ability to provide solid solutions quickly will make a real financial difference for your business whether the customer is looking to make a purchase, renew their account, or request a refund

iv) Chatwoot Live chat support is conversational:

A chat conversation is a more natural medium for people to express themselves than formal writing. The customer must present their issue clearly and supply all the relevant details if they are to receive effective email support, a task that customers are not always adept at.

Support agents can lead customers through the process with live chat support, by asking the right questions in the correct order, through chunks of interactions divided into smaller chunks. Email conversations that could last for days could be reduced to 10 minutes via chat

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