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Top 10 VS Code Extensions For Web Development

Top 10 VS Code Extensions For Web Development

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We spend so much time in our text editors, and every now and again we encounter those little frustrating issues that slow us down. Perhaps finding the right file takes too long, or finding a matching closing bracket becomes a long-winded adventure on its own.

Let’s fix all these annoyances for good. In this post, we look into 10 useful VS Code extensions for web development, from fine productivity boosters to advanced debugging helpers.

1. Bracket Pair Colorizer:

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This extension ensures readability by matching brackets to be identified with colors. The users can define which colors to match and which colors to use. This is very useful for JavaScript developers.

bracket pair colorizer.png

2. Auto Rename Tag:

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“Auto Rename Tag” is another must-have extension for Web Development. How many times does it happen that you have renamed one Tag and wished that the other Tag is automatically renamed? Thanks to this extension, whenever you rename an Open/Close Tag, the other Tag is automatically renamed.

auto rename tag.gif

3. Live Server:

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This extension is used for launching a development local server with a live reload feature for static and dynamic pages. This saves time for previewing the changes made to your source code by just making the changes in the VS code and saving the file.

live server.gif

4. JavaScript ES6:

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This extension is used for setting shortcut triggers for JavaScript code that can be used to invoke a full code instead of typing out code on each instance. It supports both JavaScript and TypeScript

javascript es6.png

5. PolaCode:

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This extension is used for taking code snippet screenshots. It can be used to copy and paste the code you need in snippet screenshots easily and save them after installing the extension.


6. Prettier Code Formatter:

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This Extension enforces a consistent style by parsing your code and re-printing it with its own rules that take the maximum line length into account, wrapping code when necessary.


7. Git Lens:

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This extension is used for getting information from a Git source that can be edited in the VS environment. Commit logs, file history, and more from the Git repository files can be viewed inside the VS code itself, and that saves time, too.

git lens.png

8. Live Share:

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This extension pack includes everything you need to start collaboratively editing and debugging in real-time, including integrated audio and text chat. This provides you and your team/class with a one-click installation, in order to begin pair programming, performing remote code reviews, driving interactive lectures, and more, without needing to leave Visual Studio Code.

Live Share.jpeg

9. Quokka:

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This extension is used for testing JavaScript code in the Visual Studio Code editor itself instead of checking it out in the browser console.


10. Path IntelliSense:

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This extension is used for showing tips for the file paths of a project. This will come in handy while working on a project that has a large number of files in it.

path intellisense.gif

11. ESLint

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ESLint is the linting utility for JavaScript. It checks your code for common errors and lets you know in the editor itself. It’s like a virtual peer who is validating your code while you are writing it.


12. Settings Sync

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This extension is used for saving your settings in the editor to restore them in a new machine, instead of configuring them each time. This can be useful in setting up a customized development environment in the editors. Using this extension, we can upload the settings in a GitHub location and then restore them to a new machine for the editors

setting sync.png

13. Debugger for Chrome

Get It Here

This extension is used for debugging JavaScript code in the Google Chrome browser for web pages in the Visual Studio Code environment. This extension is a lot more convenient than the Chrome console for debugging JavaScript code. To work with this, first, install the extension and then set up the lauch.json settings for debugging the particular webpage you want to investigate.

debugger for chrome.png

There are literally hundreds of VS Code extensions out there, I hope that some of the ones listed here will prove to be useful in your day-to-day work — and most importantly help you avoid some time-consuming, routine tasks. What's your favorite VS-Code extension? Let me know in the comments 👇 😊

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