Top 10 VS Code Themes

Top 10 VS Code Themes

Working in a nice place makes you feel more productive, if you enjoy the look of your code, then you also enjoy writing it, editing it, and painstakingly debugging it. If visuals are important to you, then you’ve come to the right place. Want to make VS Code look a lot better? There are several ways to customize Visual Studio Code, but you should start first with a great theme! If you're looking for a new theme to change up your code editor in the new year, I'm here to help! Check out a variety of stylish themes with unique color palettes—from sleek to snazzy to vibrant and everything in between—to see what works best for you. Learn more about them in this article!

How to change your Visual Studio Code theme

For MAC Users: ⌘K and then ⌘T to display the picker.

Or you can go to the Code > Preferences > Color Theme

For Windows Users: Ctrl + Shift + P

Or you can go to the File Icon >Theme Picker with File >Preferences >File Icon Theme

Here’s the list, choose whatever makes you productive.

1) Dracula Official:

Get It Here


2) Shades of Purple:

Get It Here


3) Winter is coming:

Get It Here

Winter is Coming Dark Blue Theme


Winter is Coming Dark Black Theme


Winter is Coming Light Theme


4) Night Owl

Get It Here

Night Owl


Light Owl


5) LaserWave:

Get It Here


6) Firefox Theme

Get It Here

Firefox Dark


Firefox Light


7) One Dark Pro

Get It Here


8) Cobalt 2

Get It Here


9) PaleNight

Get It Here


10) OutRun

Get It Here

OutRun Night


OutRun Electric


There you have it! Those are some of my favorite themes available for VS Code, do you use any of these themes as well? What's your favorite VS-Code theme? Let me know in the comments 👇 😊

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