Wonderful developer communities to join

Wonderful developer communities to join

Programmers are often solitary by nature, particularly freelancers. The more we delve into the code, the harder it is to leave. Often, we spend so much time fixing bugs or doing our best to make them stand out in the world that we forget there is a bigger picture out there

Are you interested in learning new things? Want to meet developers and programmers who share your interests? Interested in discussing new technologies? Then check out these essential developer communities list!

1. FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp offers online courses for people who want to learn how to code at completely free of cost. Each month it teaches millions of people how to code. Certification takes approximately 300 hours to complete. Since these certifications are completely self-paced, you can take as long as you need to complete them.

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2. HackerNoon

Technology journalists and software developers write for Hackernoon's tech media site and it is read by technologists, software developers, bitcoiners, and blockchain enthusiasts. It is possible to write technical articles on this site and learn from the many free and unrestricted technical materials available.

HackerNoon - read, write and learn about any technology.png

3. Indie Hackers

Web developers from around the world are forming an online community known as Indie Hackers. It is a community where successful startup founders discuss their experiences, revenue, and stories.There are thousands of founders growing their companies on this platform and you can learn from their success stories.

Indie Hackers_ Work Together to Build Profitable Online Businesses.png

4. Women Who Code

The Women Who Code community was formed to empower women working in technology. Developers can meet up and interact with each other at events where they can improve their skills as they learn about programming.

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5. GitHub

Over 40 million people use GitHub to learn, to share, and to collaborate on software creation. You can ask questions, share ideas, and explore topics that may interest you in the GitHub Community Forum.


6. Hashnode

The Hashnode community consists of programmers from around the world. You can connect with global developers' communities free of charge through this platform. Here you can share technical blogs or real-world development problems. Your blogs will be shared with everyone in the communities, so you'll get an opportunity to gain exposure


7. StackOverflow

The Stack Overflow community is open to everyone who codes. Whenever you have a coding question, they will help you get an answer, share information with your coworkers in private, and find your next dream job. With more than 16.5 million questions to choose from, you can answer them and help others by sharing your knowledge.

Stack Overflow - Where Developers Learn, Share, & Build Careers.png

8. Mozilla Developer Network

If you wish to develop Firefox programs, Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) is the place to go. There you will find information about the latest updates, bug fixes, and how to make a mobile friendly website. There's also tons of information on Mozilla's products and how to properly use them on MDN. In addition, the network offers many features that are useful, regardless of your background in Firefox development.

MDN Web Docs (1).png

9. Toptal

Toptal is an excellent choice if you're seeking to join a network of exceptionally qualified developers. Remote freelancers from over 100 countries are part of this global network. Each of them has passed a stringent set of tests proving they are the best in their field. Consequently, your audience is top-notch, which means a majority of engagement needs to be entertaining and of value.

11 Best Freelance Web Developers [Hire in 48 Hours] _ Toptal®.png

10. Kaggle

With over 19,000 public datasets and 200,000 open notebooks, Kaggle is an online community of data scientists and machine learning practitioners. You can learn machine learning, Pandas, Python, Deep Learning, Data Visualization, and SQL at Kaggle, as well as compete in competitions and participate in discussion boards.

Kaggle_ Your Machine Learning and Data Science Community.png

11. Developers Forum

The Developers Forum is a simple, no-frills programming community that provides a range of forums on different topics, from CSS and HTML to SQL and Ruby. Various topics are covered in the forums, including client-side development, server-side development, and managing sites. While the discussions are lively and rigorous, there is no intimidation factor like on Stack Overflow!

WebDeveloper.com Forums.png

12. Dev.To

Besides being a community for developers, dev.to is also a place where developers share their experiences and advise others. The software industry relies heavily upon collaboration, which this site facilitates. Developers will find some useful content on this site, and it's entirely free.

DEV Community ______ (1).png

13. Hacker News

Hacker News is a site where you can post links to technical content related to computer science and entrepreneurship. Technical geeks will love this site since you can promote your content to a wide audience and find amazing content from other geeks.

Hacker News.png

14. Reddit

There are literally thousands of sub-communities on Reddit, endless conversations, and authentic networking opportunities with tons of never-ending streams for developers, such as r/programming,r/frontend, r/webdev

(1) Reddit - Dive into anything.png

A community can be a place for us to learn and grow, and also a place where we can have fun. People are what makes each of these sites great, and that's why they're all so popular.

What other communities are worth mentioning? Let me know in the comments section below.

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